Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dirt Tanks & The Bull Pasture

Sat. I rode Dudley up to the three dirt tanks near the house. All three had water! The cows were loving it. It was too hot to ride with my camera. Sun. we worked a few cows - done by 8 AM - a record. Then we hauled the horses - near the vine tank - we took our trusty steads into the what was once referred to as the Bull pasture. Long ago one of the owners used to pull the bulls off the cows at certain times of the year and pasture them in this triangular shaped pasture - it is an absolutely gorgeous canyon nestled between some really beautiful rocks - loads of grass - of course there were about 15 head that were taking advantage of the grass that had come thru the gate by the vine tank - they took one look at us and took off running. As we explored the pasture keeping the cows in site - they lead us up a steep canyon to another gate - it was closed but they knew exactly where the gate was! Then we turned them around and took them out another gate on the other side. A beautiful ride.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fireworks at the Ranch!

Spent the 4th moving 30 or so head of cows w/ calves from one pasture to another to relieve some of the water tanks in the pasture. Beforehand we moved some cows/calves for a video - b/c they'll be sold thru a satellite auction later this month. I don't think the video will do justice to how good looking these calves are.

Spent the rest of the afternoon checking waterers and putting out mineral. Late afternoon we went to the pasture to look for a few cows that were missed when the pasture was gathered. Spotted four.

Then on the 5th we moved more cows/calves from one pasture to another. Our herd split on us and when we brought them back together one of the calves couldn't find her mother and had an anxiety attack. I knew we had her mother so I wouldn't let her turn back - but it tore at my heart strings to hear and see this calf cryin for her mother. All went well in a few minutes we arrived at the spring - mother & calf were reunited

Then on the 6th - we went to find the remenents/cows that missed the gathering - as we were unloading the horses one black cow took off running in the opposite direction of where we were taking them. We circled around the pasture - finally got four cows and two calves (two of the mommas were dry) - they wanted NOTHING to do with us - and took off running. We galloped after them and they ran thru another pasture but they knew where to go - we got them back to the pens of course, one of them tried to turn back and after chasing them for sooo long I wasn't about to let that cow go. Dudley cooperated fully and we were able to get them penned.

Then on the 7th - we worked the few calves we had. I got to sort them in the alley - Dudley doesn't particularly like cutting in the alley - I think he feels claustrophobic but I love it.