Friday, January 25, 2008

Tweaking on the Computer in iphoto!

Seems my visitors like dear childhood friend that can ride circles around me wants photography lessons - I'm tempted to send her a recent comment "anyone can take a picture, I like when you're a cowgirl" some like Dudley posts and some just like checking in to see what randomness I'm up to...why do you stop by?

Dudley Here!

Howdy OneCowgirl! I'ma gettin used to having so many days off!! - did I tell u how much I LOVE runnin around in this big ol soon as I hear you unlatch that gate even if I haven't finished my alfalfe I'ma ready to run up the alley and go go go!! Ima usualy the first one outof the gate not Jester - but I wanted to show off my hiney! Hey - I need a new saddle blanket - please make it a manly color so no one thinks Ima sissy! No pink!