Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Riding with Bulls!

Please note, Dudley is riding in the trailer with two bulls! Usually he loads up in the trailer with no problem. I actually play this ridiculous game loading him in the trailer - I tie the reins around his neck and place him 20 to 25 feet behind the trailer and say, "Dudley get the trailer, Dudley get in the trailer, clap my hands...Good Boy" Nine times out of ten he walks right up and gets in. Funny he always gets in the morning but after working all day he sometimes doesn't understand the command. But when we had these bulls loaded in the trailer and he had to ride beside Ike - the horse that takes up half the trailer to begin with - Dudley refused to get in. Hollywood was tired, irritable and frustrated with Dudley - I said listen Dudley loads really well and if he doesn't want to get in with those bulls we need to give him a little time! He loaded after a few minutes and rode nicely with the bulls. Notice Hollywood taking notes/numbers off the bulls.