Monday, May 28, 2007

Learning to Blog.....Bear with me!

Today we moved about 100 cows with calves out of the Barrenda Pasture today. Dudley is so much happier when he has a job to do. Most of the calves mothered up but there were two bull calves that followed up the rear, crying for their mothers and constantly trying to turn back. Even Dudley got frustrated with them. Of course, their mother were up ahead .......I wouldn't want to listen to them either.

We stopped for lunch under a shady tree - and continued moving the cows after lunch. I was in a small valley and couldn't get the cows to move - I had two bulls fighting over cow #73 -

My Horses: Veinte & Dudley

This is Veinte. He is nothing more than a yard ornament these days. In his grand days he was a great working ranch horse - now he barely moves I call him Crip for short. He is named Veinte because he has a 20 branded on hind end.

This is Dudley. He is about nine years old. He got the name Dudley because his mother was a paint and when he was born he did not have any color except a white sock - so they said "What a Dud." He is a really sweet horse, very trusting, wants to please and tries very hard. Horses are just like people - some are really really nice, some are just mean spirited, some have to be yelled and whipped on a bit while others (like Dudley) will respond to just a harsh word....

May 13, 2007:

My parents came to visit this weekend. We toured Fort Bliss - the Military base in El Paso. I had an all access pass so we really toured the entire base! It was great fun hearing Dad's JAG stories and how he learned to write such great commendation letters. I had a great visit with my parents.