Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Adventure in Grassy!

As you may know, I love to ride in Grassy. I was asked the other day if I rode in Grassy to see if spotted any cows. I spotted four pair - the babies were were so cute! I figured since they were unbranded I should move them into the riparian area but since I wasn't given any specific directions I left them alone! Never assume anything! Of course, when I finished riding I was told yes, whatever is in Grassy needs to go in the riparian area!

On the next day I rode out and this time spotted three dry cows - they were very confused over which direction to go - they were on a knoll right above me - I was making noise trying to get my desert rat of horse, Dudley through the water which at times can be challenging. I couldn't figure out why the cows weren't moving away from me. Then lo and behold - I get up the small hill and there is our friend Patches holding them in place! She was scampering back and forth just having a blast. Thankfully, she came when I called her and got behind me so I could move the three cows through the gate into the Riparian Area.

Then I went back and found the four pair and also moved them into the Riparian Area. Finding the four was a bit more challenging but one momma was in the creek and when I startled her she led me back to the other mommas that had their babies down for a nap. While I was moving the pairs I made sure Patches stayed behind with me.

Did I tell you when I call Patches and tell her to stay and she does it!! But unfortunately, she doesn't quite understand "stay or sit" when I tell her from horseback. Any training suggestions?