Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ridin Fence, Findin Fence or Buildin Fence

For the past three weeks - I've either been ridin fence, findin fence or buildin fence. Which do I prefer? - ridin fence can become tedious and boring - hour after hour, up & down hills, climbin over rocks,.....as for findin fence - it can be rough - thick bushes, creeks, bogs, cliffs - it is definitely for the rough and tough! Don't get me wrong I've seen some beautiful country hunting for fences! Now, building and fixing fence thats the ultimate - take for instance the 20 yards of fence that was washed out in the creek -now, once we found it - trekking thru brush that was over my head down to a pretty little creek that only had a few inches of water - at 2 PM - no fence to speak off - armed with a machete and an ax - cutting down brush, limbs and looking for salvageable materials (wire/fence posts) - who wants to wade thru the throny bushes again to go back to the truck for materials? By 5:30 PM the fence it rebuilt in the creek! Now, thats satisfaction. Wish I had before and after pictures to show! You will have to settle for a ridin fence photo!