Monday, February 25, 2008

Farwell Veinte

With tears in my eyes - I will try to put into words what this old horse Veinte meant to me. He was so full of personality - a total flirt, he snickered, snorted and talked constantly. Not you typical neigh he actually talked, mumbled, hummed and did some deep throated grumbling. He really enjoyed communicating and just talking to you. And whatever he said - he could get mares to run across huge pastures to see him and get fillies to push their hind ends up against a fence. The mares, the fillies along with OneCowgirl loved that old horse. He could stand for hours and ever so delicately pinch hairs on Dudley face with lips. Of course, Dudley put up with it but did not have near the talent for hair pulling as Veinte did. As soon as the days would start getting shorter he would start growing his winter coat - this is odd when its August and 100 degrees outside. His name was Veinte (Spanish for 20) because he had a 20 branded on his hind quarters. I inherited Veinte from an ex boyfriend that no longer wanted him - the ex was taking him to the sale barn - I knew he had a few good years left in him so I took him. He was a good ranch horse and didn't deserve to be run thru the sale barn. Though I thought to myself when I inherited him (without even a halter!) - you know that ex broke my heart and when I have to put that horse down my heart is going to ache all over again. Oh how right I was. Over the years I had many friends adopt him and he patiently let them learn to ride on him -he loved the attention the novice rides gave him in his elder years - brushing him and spoiling him with treats. When I got him he'd never even had an apple - but one adopty nicknamed him Mr. Apples because he loved apples. In his prime he was impossible to catch on the ranch - I'm sure his thinking was - if you get caught you got work for the day. In his later years he became much easier to catch and let me put funny hats on him whatever the occasion. In the last two years he had let go of his alpha male status and had surrendered gracefully accepting his age and status among the other geldings - but he still talked to you all the time snickering, grumbling and humming. Veinte became colicy last week and though Hollywood worked very hard to save him it was better to put him out of his misery. Old guy we're going to miss you - and most of all we'll miss you not constantly talking to us. Thank you for being in my life Veinte and for the lives you touched!

Horse Tradin 101

As you know, Jet got hurt a few weeks ago and Hollywood needs another horse besides Duck. We've been shopping - looked at everything from a 14 year old at $600. with a smooth mouth (nice way of saying he's got some age on him) to a $5500. beautiful quarter horse. Now, I must say I really liked this horse trader - he's 71 years old - been trading horses for over 30 years - he says, "well if he don't work out bring him back and I'll give your money back" Now, thats a guarantee! He was so funny flipping thru his book showing the horse's papers and telling us where he got them. The funniest story was one of the horses was penned by himself - now, if the horse isn't hurt, ain't a mare then raises a red flag being penned alone - so, I casually asked why the horse was penned by himself. He says thats AWOL. Seems he's from Mexico and the first night he managed to open three gates - let out all the other horses from MX and then he went missing for eight months. Then he sold him to the Border Patrol & he went AWOL again. Thus, they brought him back! I said AWOL needs to be a city horse in a stall.