Friday, February 26, 2010

Training Louise

I have been having fun over the past few weeks working with Louise! She is an absolute sweetheart and very smart! She was halter broke when we got her. I've managed to put a saddle on her few times, lunged her, ponyed her and put a bit in her mouth. Though I am told I'm not messing with her feet enough! I think that's a job for Hollywood what do you all think?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Polo Lesson

Just for kicks I had a "polo lesson" a few days ago. My grandfather had a passion for polo. For the lesson I did get to ride this amazing horse that did wonderful flying lead changes (don't tell Dudley!) - I seriously doubt I will get "bitten by the polo bug" though the instructor would like this to happen. While it was fun trotting around hitting a ball with the mallet it is not as easy as it looks. Polo is a game of speed and precision and personally, I would rather walk or do a slow jig on a horse! While I was hunting for a polo picture I came across a recent polo obituary of a player that was injured during polo match and later died and then to top it off his last name is my first name! Definitely a sign that I do not need to take up this sport! And yes, thanks to my grandmother I am somewhat superstitious. Are you supersitious?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Redneck Horse Blanket

Someone sent me this picture recently and it had me chuckling all day long. Personally, I thought it looked a ingenious idea - so, call me a Redneck!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Card Reader Needed!

Yes, I've got some new photos but I can't get them off my camera and need a card reader! Its just taking the time go buy one! I am looking forward to showing you all pictures of the new filly Hollywood was recently given and to tell you about the few things I've been doing with her! Her name is Louise - her running partner is Thelma! Sound familiar?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Cows and Vastness!

I remember the first time I moved cows on a large ranch in Southern New Mexico about 15 years ago. Somehow I got separated from the two cowboys and was off chasing two wild cows - I think they just sent me after the cows to see how I would fare. It was early and I vaguely knew which direction the corrals were in so I went. It didn't take me long to figure out one of the cows was the "ring leader" whatever she did the other followed suit. Of course, the faster I went the faster she went. I remember looking out and being able to see for miles upon miles and not seeing any other human beings, paved roads, cars, civilization. I thought to myself - I bet there are folks that would freak out over this. I told myself be calm, just get the cows to go towards the corral. We must of circled this one mountain two and half times but after a few hours I finally got them to the corral. Of course, lunch had been served and everyone was wondering what had happened to me. I said, "These cows are wild! Whatever that one does the one other one will follow." As everyone was giving me a hard time about only bringing in two cows, two of those cowboys didn't bother to listen to me about the ring leader - what on earth did I know - I'd been chasing them hours! Well one of them threw a rope around the ring leaders horns and she took off like a rocket. He didn't have time dally his rope and she took off away from the pens. Of course, her best friend Bessie was following. I was thinking I worked hard to get those cows here and I hope that was an expensive rope she ran off with! After what seemed like the rest of the afternoon they got her back to the pens.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Neglected Blog! Lo Siento!

Forgive me for not posting for over an entire month - I wish I could say I've been on lovely sabbatical traipsing around Africa on my dream trip but I haven't. All is well and I'll get back to blogging. Big Smiles from OneCowgirl! Thanks for checking in.