Monday, April 14, 2008

Endurance Riding

This past weekend I volunteered at an endurance ride. Why on earth someone would want to ride 30, 60 or 100 miles in one day is beyond me. If I were inclined to ride a long distance (which I'm not) I would likely ride from the border of Mexico to Canada - or follow the Santa Fe Trail. The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) makes ever effort to ensure that endurance riding is safe thus all sorts of rules apply - some of which I got to enforce! This was an AERC sanctioned ride. The girls that put on this ride are top notch riders and have ridden in endurance rides all over the US and the Middle East. These pics were taken at one of the hold areas that all the riders had to stop at for a vet check and rest. The riders that competed in the 100 miles left at 4:30 AM and when I left at 10 PM they were still out riding - now, doesn't that sound like loads of fun?