Monday, July 6, 2009

Bull # 25066

Saturday I went out for a little ride on Dudley. While it was a quiet morning I heard a bull in the "Grassy" pasture I was pretty sure had been cleared of cattle. Bulls make a very distinct sound its a bellowing kind of roar. It was fairly easy to spot the bull and I thought well I've got enough time, I'll herd him back to the house, pen him and then Hollywood can figure out what to do with him. I thought if they want to keep him in this pasture it will be easy to put him back. Well I approached the bull and he decided ok I'll move but I'm going this way and I've got some flies on my back so I'm going thru the thickest brush I can find (of course, he was headed in the opposite direction of the house. Lord knows I don't know why they call this the Grassy pasture - it is full of some of the thickest brush on the ranch. The bull had a little zippy do da and was moving rapidly in the wrong direction. Everytime I got around him to head him off in the proper direction he would run around a thicket and head back in the wrong direction. Every so often he would hide in the thicket and I would have to double back an fourth before I found him again. I was really proud of Dudley because he was moving thru the most of the thicket without fussing hence he knew his job and was trying his best. Eventually after touring the bush and parts of Grassy I've never been in - we got the bull headed in the right direction and from that point forward he didn't give me much trouble. Now, I did have get off and open a gate - and while he went thru the gate he circled around some bushes and tried to go back in the pasture. But by this time Dudley and I were determined. We got him back and penned him fairly easily. So, thats how my Fourth of July started. How was your Fourth?