Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OneCowgirl You Did What?

Its still really dry and the lack of rain means we are still putting out syrup for the cattle. As you know, I would rather be riding a horse and moving cows. MOST any task on horseback suits me better than a task that uses a truck except for perhaps a trip to the grocery store - with that said, I opted to ride over the weekend instead of putting out syrup. Of course, its always better if you have some task to perform on horseback even if it is minuscule - so, I was told to ride upto the Ol Bar O and check the 10,000? gallon water tank. Easy enough I thought! Well after having a nice leisurely ride to the tank - going behind this hill and that, checking the cows here and there I arrived at the Ol' Bar O. I gingerly climbed on top of the tank trying not to catch my spurs on the ladder, lifted the heavy lid and peered inside the tank - to my surprise the water was almost to the top! This is really a good thing - it means none of the water drinkers further north are leaking or the tank would be empty. So as I am trying to move the incredible heavy lid back into place I hear two bulls knock heads and out of the corner of my eye I see Dudley scramble - (he usually barely moves when he's ground tied) and with this I lost my balance and the heavy lid went right into the tank!