Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did you lock the horses in?

It's embarrassing when you have to call jefe and say "the horses didn't come in this mornin so I'll be a little late" Most of the ranch is in desperate need of rain but we've had almost an inch over the past two months so there is a little green coming up.....yes, we celebrate in 1/10ths....so the horses being the smart critters that they are say to each other "if we stay out here this morning maybe they'll leave us a little hay at the corral and we won't have to go to work" And unlike dogs they don't come when you call them! Its frustrating when you can spot them and they just stay on the hill and don't even bother to move. Now, if the sun was going down and you were calling them it would be a whole different story. Moral of the story: Lock 'em up at night.