Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Cows and Vastness!

I remember the first time I moved cows on a large ranch in Southern New Mexico about 15 years ago. Somehow I got separated from the two cowboys and was off chasing two wild cows - I think they just sent me after the cows to see how I would fare. It was early and I vaguely knew which direction the corrals were in so I went. It didn't take me long to figure out one of the cows was the "ring leader" whatever she did the other followed suit. Of course, the faster I went the faster she went. I remember looking out and being able to see for miles upon miles and not seeing any other human beings, paved roads, cars, civilization. I thought to myself - I bet there are folks that would freak out over this. I told myself be calm, just get the cows to go towards the corral. We must of circled this one mountain two and half times but after a few hours I finally got them to the corral. Of course, lunch had been served and everyone was wondering what had happened to me. I said, "These cows are wild! Whatever that one does the one other one will follow." As everyone was giving me a hard time about only bringing in two cows, two of those cowboys didn't bother to listen to me about the ring leader - what on earth did I know - I'd been chasing them hours! Well one of them threw a rope around the ring leaders horns and she took off like a rocket. He didn't have time dally his rope and she took off away from the pens. Of course, her best friend Bessie was following. I was thinking I worked hard to get those cows here and I hope that was an expensive rope she ran off with! After what seemed like the rest of the afternoon they got her back to the pens.