Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doesn't this Bull Look Friendly!

Well, you are most likely wondering why is OneCowgirl showing me a pic of her saddle bag and a pic of a bull! Well, its because last time I pulled a bottle of water out of my saddle bag it was covered in dirt! Why? Well a few weeks ago - Hollywood had left me alone to move a bull while he went back for another. We had found the bull hiding out way up a canyon - for over two hours he had picked his route more or less in the right direction - for the most part he'd been fairly cooperative. As you know, its a heck of a lot easier to move bulls when they are traveling with female companionship and he had none! When we picked up the second bull - that's when the trouble started - Hollywood yelled at me to make sure the first bull didn't run back into the
Poisen pasture. Well my bull took off with a vengeance headed straight to the poisen pasture behind this tank. I got him stopped thanks to Studley Dudley that is after he got into the poison pasture - then he became very uncooperative. Sometimes, you got to chuck a few rocks at a bull to make him move - some cowgirls and cowboys are brave enough to do this from the ground but NOT OneCowgirl. So, once I got the bull stopped - I dismounted and filled my saddlebags with rocks. I am sure the bull was happy that I have never excelled at softball - he was tired and cranky - I finally left him there for the night after we played ring around the mesquite tree and I threw lots of rocks in his direction! I moved him the next day - it was much easier because we found some cows to travel along with him but thats another story!