Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bloody Nose!

One of my girlfriends accused me of "riding the piss" out of Dudley because I told her he got a bloody nose. I will admit I rode him hard for two days, up and down some steep hills, over rocky territory and we covered a lot of ground moving cows but I did not "ride the piss out of him" It is a huge pasture and on the second day it as just Hollywood and I gathering the pasture. Yes, if I'd had a second horse I would of ridden a different one on the second day but I didn't. Maybe I'll get another horse for my birthday. Dudley was fairly cooperative but I will admit on the first day he gave me a bit of trouble refusing to listen to me when I insisted we go up another hill in search of cows. One does not like to start up hill with a horse that insists on backing up. Don't worry Dudley got over his bloody nose fairly quickly. Anyone else have a horse that gets a bloody nose occasionally?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I will get back to blogging one of these days. Let me hear from you.