Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hard Act to Follow

Now, I told Dudley this would be an hard act to follow but he insists that if a goat can balance on a vase on a tight rope with a monkey on his head he can do better. At this point, Dud is contemplating his act. Do any of you have any suggestions?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fixin Fence!

You should always know to wear the oldest pair of jeans when doing any fence work. Barbwire rules! Don't you just love the cowboy plaid ensemble?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Adding to the Water Problem

I believe Irish has nine lives. I won't go into all of the "survival" tales but there are a few! Irish thrives on barking at evil demons and he sees alot of demons - in fence posts, cattle guards, pick up trucks - you name it. Irish is determined to eradicate the the world of evil demons thru his barking. Sometimes I wish I could turn his bark into a hound bawl. Don't you just love the sound of a hound?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Country Living at Its Finest

With my upbringing who would of thought I would relish the idea of shooting small animals? But let me tell you - squirrels are nothing but rats with bushy tails! Don't even think they are cute - once they invade your home - watch out. Now, it would help if Shadow wasn't scared of gunfire and wouldn't run off every time Hollywood shoots the gun then maybe we would of gotten a handle on these varmits! This is Hollywood 2 with a gun. For now, we are replacing dryer hoses, setting traps, putting out poison and sealing every hole we can find. The joys of country living! Anyone want to share squirrel stories?

I was told there would be words.....

Hollywood insisted that the day would most likely be a disaster - the cows had to go under a bridge, didn't know where they were going, were young and hadn't been herded often etc. - I had to admit to myself the ingredients were there for what could potentially be a bad morning but I kept my mouth shut. But it turned out very nicely and there were "no words" - most importantly the cows cooperated which made going under a bridge and crossing another road go smoothly. While we were driving the herd under the bridge one baby jumped the fence. I took it upon myself to go back for the calf. Glad Jefe told me to take my horse! What was I thinking? Dudley performed like a champ between me flagging down traffic, herding the calf (as some of you know calves dont' necessarily herd!) - first the little fellow jumped the guardrail and headed down the road in the wrong direction with no intention of crossing - thankfully Dudley knew his job, the 18 wheelers slowed down and the calf finally spotted the herd on the other side of the bridge. The little fellow went back thru the fence as easily as he had escaped and was quickly re-united with his mother. The only words were words of thanks! Cheer for Dudley and leave a comment please!