Friday, May 16, 2008

Horses are Just Like People

Some are really really nice, trusting, have loads of common sense others are just outright mean, shallow, crazy. Just like people horses come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they all have unique personalities. Like people some horses have more personality than others. As with people you can tell alot about a horse by looking into their eyes - of course, its not all in the eyes but it is a tell tell sign. If the horse's eyes look wild - beware. There is something very special about connecting with a horse and for those that aren't horse enthusiasts its hard to explain. Now, if my Mom were a horse (she'll love having me compare her to a horse on my blog!)...her eyes would show kindness, she's be flirty like Veinte, a bit mischievous perhaps letting the other horses out, she'd get mad if you worked too hard and I think occasionally she'd have a tendency to kick but not buck or rear - of course, she would be a very pretty horse! Its my mother's birthday today - Happy Birthday Mom!