Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living in Two Worlds

This is exactly how I felt this weekend at the ranch. After a grueling and exciting week - I took off for the ranch. I got Dudley saddled up and as I was leaving - I heard, "If you see those two bulls while your out ridin by the creek bring 'em in and pen 'em" Great now I have a mission! I was at the point in my loop that I turn back towards the house when Dudley's ears stood straight up and he stopped dead in his tracks. It was time to make a decision - do I spend the next couple of hours herding the bulls back to the pens or do I head for the house. Of course, I like a good challenge and moving two huge bulls about a mile and half would be fun. So, off we went - the bulls had alot of flies so every chance they got they ran for the thick brush...I had to hoop & holler to keep them moving and of course they don't move in a straight line and every chance they got they would separate and one of them would inevitable turn back! Needless to say it was a GREAT two hours! Dudley was frustrated with the bulls by the time we got back to the pens at the house because they did not fully cooperate - but we got them penned all by ourselves!

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