Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dirt Tanks & The Bull Pasture

Sat. I rode Dudley up to the three dirt tanks near the house. All three had water! The cows were loving it. It was too hot to ride with my camera. Sun. we worked a few cows - done by 8 AM - a record. Then we hauled the horses - near the vine tank - we took our trusty steads into the what was once referred to as the Bull pasture. Long ago one of the owners used to pull the bulls off the cows at certain times of the year and pasture them in this triangular shaped pasture - it is an absolutely gorgeous canyon nestled between some really beautiful rocks - loads of grass - of course there were about 15 head that were taking advantage of the grass that had come thru the gate by the vine tank - they took one look at us and took off running. As we explored the pasture keeping the cows in site - they lead us up a steep canyon to another gate - it was closed but they knew exactly where the gate was! Then we turned them around and took them out another gate on the other side. A beautiful ride.

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