Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Does she know?

I often wonder if animals have a sense of time. Like when you leave your cat for a few days - do they know the difference if you are gone two days or six days? As for cows and time - they do have a sense of when they are to move from one pasture to another to some extent. I wonder if this gal knows the time has come - time to sort off her calf and she'll have to say farewell.


Rose said...

I think they know. If we are tardy getting ours moved they just start to move themselves. In the spring too, when we are slow getting them back to green grass they just jump the fences and start heading for the hills. Don't you wish you could read their minds sometimes?

Jeffro said...

I think cattle have a vague sense of time, but nothing like the sense of loss they have when mama is separated from baby! Oh, the wailing and lamenting!