Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here a Blog, There a Blog, Everywhere a Blog

I am amazed at the variety of blogs I've found. It has been fun peaking/lurking into others lives, learning more about others and what they are doing, attempting to communicate, leaving messages here and there in hopes of getting a message on my blog or getting more dots on my map! Some guests have even been gracious enough to list onecowgirl in their blogroll! Thank you. There are some beautiful blogs out there. And I've only reported one for obscene content. Though I am a bit jealous over some peoples lives - like the couple that is traveling around the world.

I am amazed at the number Martha Stewarts that are living among us - I don't have a decorating bone in my body! Though one blog in particular the little red house inspired me to post this picture of my everyday china. This is the original Wallace China from the 1930s that I use in my kitchen. Quick - what are some of your initial thoughts on blogs?


The Nester said...

Hi there! I too, am amazed at all the different blogs and what their owners blog about! How fun it is to visit them and, thanks for visiting me! Love your china!

Joni said...

I have seen that similar pattern in western catalogs. If I hadn't done the farm theme... You are right each blog is as unique as the person who owns it. I enjoy seeing different parts of the world and the different lives we all lead. I too have run across the trashy sites and wondered what the owner was getting out of that?

Mary said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for comparing me to Martha Stewart, but I'm really more of a Lucy Riccardo!

I love seeing all your photos -- they are so beautiful, and so different from what I see every day! And I love your china -- fantastic!


Changes in the wind is said...

Small communities. I think people have a great need to connect and Blogs is the modern age way to do that, but it is not limited to your neighborhood. Love the dishes:)

Rose said...

I've yet to run into a trashy blog so my narrow view is that there probably aren't too many of them. I tend to do searches for blogs that are based on my interests so maybe that keeps me away from the less desirable ones. If I find a blog that interests me I often follow that person's blog roll and that generally leads to more blogs in my interest categories. I've learned so much about so much and it has really broadened my window to the world. I also like to visit forums that are related to my interests and hobbies.

I love your everyday dishes and have wanted to collect them for many years but I had to limit my collecting to the blue, Royal China Co., Currier and Ives pattern for the past 10 years. I have almost all of the various pieces in service for 13 plus all the accessory pieces of which there were many. What company makes (made) your cowboy dishes?

lesle said...

Six of my favorite blogs:
kayak paddle tales
piney flatwoods girl
Pure Florida
Fops and Dandies
Slow Food in Wales
miss trashahassee

ladyhedda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And yes, traveling the world is fun... One of the luxuries is being able to stay in touch with the world at large by reading blogs... Oh, the beauty of the internet!

lesle said...

Dear Cowgirl, I can't find an email address to send this to you, so I'm posting it here. Please feel free to delete it if you don't want it, you won't hurt my feelings.
It's not commonly realized, but nearly one sixth of Florida is ranch country; here are some photos and slide shows of cattle, horses, & maybe a bear and an alligator.

Great Florida Cattle Drive 2006, narrated slide show
Cattle Drive Home Page
Map of Cattle Drive
Cattle, Horses, & Other Photos
Cattle Drive Photos


Mikey said...

Howdy One Cowgirl!
Totally love your blog, stumbled in one day. You're my kinda girl!
Keep showing us peeks into your life, you're living right.
I'm an AZ farrier who blogs here

Swing by, say hi, the coffee's always on