Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Live Every Day with Passion

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Jim Stovall speak - if you haven't read his book the Ultimate Gift or seen the movie I strongly suggest you do. I love to hear Jim's nuggets of advice - live each day as if it is your last - you never know what will happen. Jim was faced with the challenge of total blindness and he has gone onto to accomplish phenomenal things! Hearing him speak is very inspirational!


Rose said...

Another amazing picture. Do you have a whole wall of these gorgeous scenic shots in your home?

Joni said...

Gorgeous picture and good advice!

I can't get my animals to hold still long enough to get good pictures like your horsey Santa!

Mary said...

What a gorious picture! Simple advice -- but often so hard to follow!

Vickie said...

The Ultimate Gift was my favorite movie of 2007! AWESOME movie! I recommend every parent and child watch this amazingly beautiful film. LOVED IT!