Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moving Syrup Feeders

Is there a syrup feeder in quartz pasture? Is there a syrup feeder in Lizard? Pick up this syrup feeder and move get the picture! There is an art to loading and unloading these feeders if they've got any syrup left in them. I'm getting paid not to post one picture! P.S. Hollywood doesn't mind having his picture taken but if I'm supposed to be helping or he needs help I better put that my camera down PDQ and quit supervising!


Changes in the wind is said...

Okay, how about enlightening a city girl and tell me more about syrup feeders. What kind of syrup and how does it help? Is it better than hay....I know about salt blocks but have never heard of syrup feeders.

Rose said...

I knew Hollywood like having his picture taken! Better be sure your work is done first though, before he takes your camera away from you Heeee!

Syrup...distillers grains from the Ethanol plant?

lesle said...

OC, thank you for the past year's pleasure in reading your blog!

Merry Christmas!