Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Want a Llama?

Did I ever tell you there are two llamas on the ranch? No one really knows the story of how they got here or I've never heard it. Sometimes we can go weeks/months and not spot them and then they just appear. I think they must be the same sex since we haven't had any cria (word for baby llama). Dudley thinks they look quite odd and won't ride near them! Now this presents a problem when they appear between me and the cows! Another time we were checking water tanks in the truck and one wouldn't get out of the way of the truck and kept trying to stick his/her head in the window. It was really funny - finally I slung water from a water bottle at him and off he went - it was 100 degrees outside so I don't think he minded!


Mary said...

When my kids were little, they loved a book called "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

What do your llamas eat?
PS - I promise to get to the Bucket List soon! :)

Pam said...

Did you see my bucket list? I did do it, but it's buried by now on my blog.
Llamas randomly appearing... weird.

Changes in the wind said...

How interesting....so if they are on your land do you own them? You know you could make up an amazing story of how they got there LOL. Surprises me that Dudley won't go near them.

Pam said...

Tried to email you this, but it came back twice. Here's the direct link since it's buried on my blog by now:

(my bucket list)


Pam said...

Let me link that, sorry:
My bucket list

Pam said...

It didn't link right, my blog is all screwy, just know I made one! haha, sorry I keep commenting, but my emails to you are coming back. I think my permalink structure got messed up somehow.

Rose said...

We have a Llama on our ranch. He's generally quite a friendly sort but if he feels threatened he will spit! Ick ick ick. The kids try to ride him sometimes and he gets pretty riled up by them but has never tried to hurt them. Our's is a white one.

seventh sister said...

It is funny that Dudley doesn't like the llamas. I used to ride a horse that hated goats and would junp sideways about three feet without warning if she saw or smelled one.

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