Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Like to Color!

I especially like colorful crayons and prefer coloring outside the lines........and you?


pam said...

Good to see there are some normal things to play with out there besides calf parts ;) haha
She's darling.

Me? I never colored inside or outside the lines, I just drew my own picture as a child!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

She looks like she is really enjoying it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a cute picture. Unfortunately, I'm one of those color inside the lines types. I'd love to draw but I can't draw a straight line with a ruler and outside the lines looks too sloppy to me. Wonder if there is any hope for me.

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

ADORABLE! Love the boots!
I admit to going outside the lines once in awhile!!
I loved to color as a kid! I didn't like to share my crayons though, they'd always come back with a dull tip!
Now people want me to "color" for them!! You have an up and coming artist there!!

Pony Girl said...

The joy on her face....just priceless!
I was coloring with some kids at school this afternoon! I drew a field, with fences, an apple tree, a sun and a cloud in the sky, and a horse in the pasture (of course) and a pig! ;) It was fun and kind of relaxing!

kdwhorses said...

Great pic! She is a cutie!
I still love to color! Very relaxing!
Loved the other posts as well! I have been so darned busy this week and tired I have missed checking in on my blogging buddies!
Love the mural, man we need lots more of them around!
Fixing the windmills, love them. That is what I enjoyed about San Angelo seeing all the working windmills. They are just beautiful!

Changes in the wind said...

What a cutie! Outside the lines??? Oh no....must stay in the lines:)

threecollie said...

Nothing like the smell of a new box of crayons....I was practically thrown out of sixth grade at a new school for coloring in an unacceptable fashion...probably scarred me for life. lol

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