Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phone Booth

Hollywood doesn't like to do phone but this is his phone booth. If he parks his truck just so by the cattle chute he can sometimes get a signal.


Meg said...

Don't you just love that part of the country? As advanced as technology is, sometimes, out there you still don't have a signal...go. figure. Maybe you just need to take your "network" with you, like on the Verizon commrcial!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-I can so totally relate!! We get NO signal at our ranch and sporatic at best at the house in town. Mom gets pretty good signal at her house-but that is because the tower is only 1 mile away.

Apparently the little Verizon dude missed this part of SD, cause we sure "can't hear him now"-LMAO.

Train Wreck said...

Does he come runnin out with tights and a long red cape?!! With his boots of course!! LOL! Sorry I can just picture it!! We have NO service when we are at the ranch! There is one spot on the way we also call the phone booth!! Yes like Meg said!! Saddle up for all your little people! Get those cows in quicker!!

kdwhorses said...

ROTFL!! I know there are certain places around here that you get no signal, expect if you do this or that!

Love his phone booth!

TW-just imagining him running out in a cape and those yellow boots!

Anonymous said...

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