Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Country Living at Its Finest

With my upbringing who would of thought I would relish the idea of shooting small animals? But let me tell you - squirrels are nothing but rats with bushy tails! Don't even think they are cute - once they invade your home - watch out. Now, it would help if Shadow wasn't scared of gunfire and wouldn't run off every time Hollywood shoots the gun then maybe we would of gotten a handle on these varmits! This is Hollywood 2 with a gun. For now, we are replacing dryer hoses, setting traps, putting out poison and sealing every hole we can find. The joys of country living! Anyone want to share squirrel stories?


gtyyup said...

LOL...I believe I've lost a follower by showing one too many photos of my lil' Rat Terrier Cindy Sue with a dead varmint...oh well...can't keep 'um all happy.

I'm glad that Cindy Sue knows how to do her job!

Good luck on yer varmint killin'!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Squirrels are only second in evilness to mice. Whenever I post about how much I despise mice and the damage thay have caused to my home, I get flack from my readers...."awwww, you're so mean. Mice are so kewt!" Gag Me!
Good luck with irradicating those squirrels.


FishermansDaughter said...

I live in a log home on 25 wooded acres. Over the course of the past decade used everything you mentioned in your post to eliminate squirrels, as well as consulting with 2 different "squirrel specialists" ($$ cha-ching) - NOTHING worked.
For every one squirrel I shot, trapped, poisoned - ten more came in it's place.
Till I got a couple ornery feral yard cats. As luck would have it, one of the cats favorite places to "roost" became the roof of the house, right next to the chimney *POOF* no more squirrels - at least in the house. On going evidence spied around the homestead says that them that do dare to venture on the property pay with their lives.

BOO! YA! and Good Luck!!

mycowgirlsandindians said...

I concur. Squirrels require stern eradication programs! Myself. I've sacrificed many a kitchen window screens to a pot-shot at a squirrel! :)